April 9, 2022

Is this salad dressing the ultimate dipping sauce?

Recipe: Catalina Cowpoke Dressing.

Similar to Russian Dressing made creamy, Catalina Cowpoke Dressing is spicy, warm and smooth, but not hot. It’s as good on Iceberg lettuce as it is for dipping your fries. Here’s the unique thing: Despite the three-ingredient simplicity, the dressing takes on your personality depending on which BBQ sauce and spice blend is your go to.

Food Recipes
April 6, 2022

Current Pedal Obsession: Quiet Theory Prelude Reverb/Delay

With all the amazing digital and analog delays and reverbs out there, Prelude is an anomaly of normalcy. It doesn’t get stratospheric in length or ambience, it just sounds like a great-little, 1-second, delay feeding into a musical spring reverb. It’s uses simple PT2399 delay chips and has only basic controls. But really, this box is a marvel of design. Bryan Laurenson of the Indy band Copeland (owner of Quiet Theory) spent two years designing Prelude, beautifully pushing the chips to their limits into spaces they were never designed to venture into.

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February 27, 2022

Adventures with the Electro-Faustus Photo Theremin

How to use it with pedals

The Electro-Faustus Photo Theremin is not a concert-grade theremin, but it’s close enough for rock and roll. Best feature? It’s a pedalboard-friendly instrument you can play entirely with one foot. And while it may seem like a gimmick or novelty you’d only use once per live show, this article runs it through through its paces with all kinds of pedals to see what sounds are possible.

music Pedalurgy
February 13, 2022

Current Pedal Obsession: TKOG Mini Glitch

Mini Glitch with Volume knob mod

The complete guide to this microlooper-in-disguise

If you’da asked, I’da told you this would happen.

When The King of Gear released the Mini Glitch as Jonny-Greenwood-in-a-pedal, it was easy to see beyond this device’s superb glitching to its microlooping possibilities. Designed for Radiohead fans, this pedal has since ended up on the pedalboards of ambient, jazz, acoustic and non-guitar players.

music Pedalurgy
January 17, 2022

The Year of Purple Lawn Furniture is Back in Digital Print

After a 20 year hiatus my little electronic book of poems is back. First published in 2000, this volume has always been digital, but some of the formats the book was originally published in are defunct, as are the operating systems and devices they were designed for (like Palm and Symbian). Sites where the book was originally posted are gone as well.

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