Me? I’m J. Kevin Wolfe, (alias WolfeWithAnE) a content creator with extensive skills in photos, video, music, voiceover and writing. Much of my technical focus is on media creation with iOS devices.

Why the only ads you see are for me. Keeping this blog free of rampant, uncontrolled third-party ads has been a goal from the start. Pop-up screens that block your view, self-playing loud video ads, and even more ads that pops up when you click out of the previous one: I’m sure you hate all these as much as I do. I pay for the unpretentious Blot.im blogging platform specifically so I’m not at the mercy of just anyone putting up questionable ads or clickbait on my site.

I figured there has to be a less-invasive way to monetize the time and cost of creating and maintaining this blog. Many of the links are affiliate links. If encourage you to buy through them, since it costs you no more and I get a small referral fee. If you see an ad here, it’s for my own offerings, like my books. You can also support this blog by buying me a coffee below. I thank you for helping to keep this blog a pleasantly-readable resource for yourself and others.

Does this site use cookies? Yes. (As almost every site on the internet does whether they tell you or not.) I use Google Analytics to improve this site. Mainly I monitor big, aggregated numbers, not the activity of individuals:

  • Total Page Views and total clicks on page links to other content on my site to understand what readers like.
  • Time on Page to know which articles are being read in their entirety and which articles readers are abandoning.

I’m the only one with access to this data. It’s not used for ad tracking on other sites or sold to third parties.

Feel free to contact and connect.

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