April 1, 2023

The truth about your iPhone Live Photos.

The problem with Apple’s Live Photo is it doesn’t really do what you’d assume it does. The belief is that Live Photo saves a series of images. But that’s not what’s happening. This article explains what’s really going on and will help you decide if Live Photo is worthwhile of worthless for you. It shows you how to keep Live Photo from turning on and gives you a better option for capturing fast-moving subjects.

March 24, 2023

Recipe: Pourable Amour Chocolate Sauce.

Sex and dessert are so closely related. And here’s proof. This recipe seems to transcend that bitter/sweet ratio that chocolate lovers try to find their bliss in. It’s so bitter and so sweet. The chocolate flavor is so potent, it completely masks the taste of the cream, while still mingling in hints of spice and coconut. The sauce is thick enough that it’s not bullied by the microwave and potent enough that a drizzle goes a long way. A taste-gasmic experience.

Food Recipes
March 24, 2023

The Magic of Pound Cake

What’s amazing about pound cake is that it shouldn’t work at all. With only four official ingredients and no leavening, it can’t even exist, but it does.

Food Recipes
March 18, 2023

Current Pedal Obsession: ZCat Big TI Reverb .

It’s simply ambient.

Reverb pedals have become complex with octaves and filters and effects—oh my. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a reverb that’s goes from plate-like to gorgeous cosmic clouds with a simple crank of the Decay knob? Well, here it is: The ZCat Big Reverb

Around for over a decade, this little box from Latvia is an early atmospheric reverb that’s undeservedly remained under the radar. It has just one primo algorithm that sounds like a plate reverb with the Decay knob at 7a and the celestial heavens opening up at 5p. The decay maxes out at an astounding 30-seconds, but can be sustained infinitely (like a freeze pedal to play over) by holding the footswitch until the LED flickers.

music Pedalurgy
February 27, 2023

permalink: pizza-history

So is pizza Italian or American?

A cross-cultural history.

Any historian will tell you pizza was born in Italy. If they’re worth their salty anchovies they’ll also tell you there’d be no pizza without America. The pie has an amazing cross-Atlantic history.

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