September 12, 2021

History of the Steel Tongue Drum

The tongue drum is often accused of being a poor person’s handpan, but that’s not the case at all. The tongue drum was not based on the Hang Drum and predates PANArt’s creation by almost a decade. This article digs into the true roots of the tongue drum, the connection with the handpan, and the tongue drum’s continual development over its short history.

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August 29, 2021

Taking Handheld Blurs With Your iPhone

This article explains how iPhone’s Live Mode can be used to create images of moving subjects like waterfalls against still backgrounds. It includes a step-by-step how-to for taking blur photos with the built-in iPhone Camera app and gives you tips for taking better blurs with this method.

August 18, 2021

Drolo Stamme[n] v4 meets Old Blood Expression Ramper

This article shows you how to expand the possibilities of the Drolo Stamme[n] v4 with the Old Blood Noise Endeavors Expression Ramper. Demos and tasty settings are included below.

music Pedalurgy
July 19, 2021

Current Pedal Obsession: Pladask Bakfram

It’s Thanos’ delay, eroding the known audio universe

You’d think granular pedals would all sound the same since they’re all based on one of a few DSP chips. But there’s a big difference depending on how the builder programs the chip to re-assemble the audio grains. Knut at Pladask freely admits Bakfram is not a forward/reverse delay, but a granular synthesizer masquerading as one. This article answers the big questions about Bakfram, explains the complex nature of the controls and gives you recipes for some of the other pedals that Bakfram can masquerade as.

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June 23, 2021

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Expression Ramper meets Montreal Assembly’s Count-to-5

7 cool effects with the ER in the expression jack of the Ct5

The OBNE Expression Ramper is a small, clever pedal that automates expression. You plug it into a pedal’s expression jack and set the voltage of Point A and Point B on the Expression Ramper. With the tap of the footswitch, the pedal glides or cycles between the two points.

On the Montreal Assembly Count-to-5 (a sampler that poses as a delay/glitch/looper) the Expression Ramper is really useful since you can control so many parameters: pitch, speed, direction, delay length, delay feedback, sample playback length or sample randomness. This article will show you how to connect and use the Expression Ramper with the Count-to-5 and give you easy-to-follow recipes and audio examples for some cool effects. All audio examples use use no added ambience other than what’s coming from the Count-to-5.

music Pedalurgy
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