June 16, 2022

Recipe: Teriyaki Sauce

In creating a recipe for Teriyaki sauce, I wanted something basic: an Asian sauce that could be used for cooking, dipping, even as a simple noodle broth base. It needed to be the core seasoning for fried rice, or as a marinade, but simple enough that it doesn’t conflict with the flavors of spicier condiments. At the same time it had to have enough personality that it could stand by itself. The result is this potent sauce with a simple taste profile: not overly salty or sweet and with a subtle garlic flavor. Like soy sauce, you only need a little. It keeps in the fridge forever. I usually make up a big bottle since the flavors age together so well.

Food Recipes
May 30, 2022

How to be a conscientious cemetourist.

A brief guide to graveyard etiquette.

Cemeteries as destinations are becoming a large part of the Dark Tourism industry. What’s Dark Tourism? Visits to places associated with death and tragedy, including graveyards and haunted places.

May 26, 2022

6 Tricks with the Mastro Valvola LEM and a TRS Footswitch.

While LEM creates some amazing sounds on its own, plugging in a passive TRS footswitch (like the Malekko Lil Buddy) will give you unique control over parameters without having to stoop down in the middle of a set and tweak a knob. This article shows you 6 tricks for LEM and an external footswitch with demos of how they sound.

music Pedalurgy
May 17, 2022

Drolo Stamme[n] v4 meets Fairfield Hors d’Oeuvre?

I tried plugging a lot of different pedals into the Fairfield Hors d’Oeuvre? feedback looper. Of all, the one that gets the most added function is the Drolo Stamme[n] microlooper. I’d hate to say the Stamme[n] is missing a feedback knob since the pedal does just fine without it. But when you stick it in the effect loop of the Hors d’Oeuvre?, the Feed knob seems like it’s part of the Stamme[n], giving you so many ambient possibilities in the 4 delay or 4 reverb modes (when the left LED on).

music Pedalurgy
May 5, 2022

Tags: iOS, Video

How to tone your iPhone videos.

Just because it’s called the Photos app doesn’t mean you can’t use it to edit your iPhone videos. As a matter of fact, all the editing tools for photos are available for video as well. Beyond improving the look of your video, you can also do a few useful effects. One that’s really nice is toning. You can easily make your clip black and white or tone it vintage sepia or blue. This is great for giving your clip an old-movie look or adding a somber feel.

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