June 3, 2021

#ThrowbackThursday: La Grieta

Ilsa Santa Cruz Galapagos, February 1986

Fissures are curious things. They’re cracks that can form in islands of volcanic rock that bubble up from the sea. As a geographic feature, they’re often narrow, but deep. One such fissure in The Galapagos interestingly splits the town of Puerto Ayora on Ilsa Santa Cruz. It would be easy enough to bridge this gap, but those who live (mostly ex-pats) on the quiet, residential side known as El Outre Lado (the other side) resisted a bridge that would make it convenient for tourists staying on the east side in main part of town to invade. So the only way to cross the chasm was by boat or hike the long way around.

photography ThrowbackThursday
May 31, 2021

Three Ways to Fake a Crema in Stovetop Espresso

Cuban Crema, just like Abuela used to make

If you’re a moka pot owner, it’s likely you’ve hit on making a pretty good espresso on your stove. But many find a stovetop espresso feels naked since it has no crema. Below you’ll find a few tricks for adding the crema effect and a little sweetness for an aesthetically-pleasing look and tempering bitterness.

May 27, 2021

#ThrowbackThursday: Mile-High Dunes

Great Dunes National Park, March ’83

While the spectacle of the Rockies is amazing, I do believe that the most fascinating site in the state is Great Dunes National Park. Nestled in a mile-high mountain valley is a 30-square mile desert with dunes that crest at 750-feet above the floor. How’d the sand get there? As the lakes in the valley floor dried the wind piled the sand.

photography ThrowbackThursday
May 20, 2021

#ThrowbackThursday: Cold Coca Cola

Learning Capitalism in China

photography ThrowbackThursday
May 6, 2021

Throwback Thursday: The Horses of the Himalayas

Elephant Transport in Nepal, Olympus XA, March 1988

I never could quite fall into that protest against Nepali elephants. It finally occurred to me why: Elephants are the horses of the Himalayas. Maybe Hannibal couldn’t get them across the Swiss Alps, but here at the roof of the world, elephants thrive carrying goods and people. Is that any less humane that how we treat horses in the flatter parts of the world?

photography ThrowbackThursday
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