March 6, 2021

Add a little smoke to your Pizzeria Pronto.

While the Pizzeria Pronto is not designed for smoking, there’s a little trick that can add a wood-fired taste to your creations.

##The smoke trick.

  1. Get a flat, like a tuna can. Remove the label and wash thoroughly.
  2. Add wood shavings to a Mason jar and cover with water.
  3. As the shavings swell, add more water if needed.
  4. Once the shavings are thoroughly soaked, fill the can to the brim with shavings and add water from the jar to fill to the top
  5. Before you fire up the Pizzeria Pronto, remove the lid and stones. Place the can in the center of the gas ring.
  6. Place the stones and lid back and fire up the grill normally.


  • The smoke doesn’t last long, so you’ll want to start cooking as soon as the grill is up to heat.
  • The more thoroughly wet the shavings are and the more water in the can, the longer the smoke will last.
  • Instead of hardwoods, I often soak a mix of 1/4 cloves to 3/4 cinnamon sticks for a sweet smoke when I baked pastry or flatbread. These are available cheap at your local Indian market.

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