June 22, 2020

iOS Shortcut: Slo-Mo Video.

Create slo-mo from any video.

We often find when editing video that some clips would have been great if we had shot them in slow motion for a poetic effect. This shortcut slows a normal video (and its audio) down by half for an emotional, slightly-jittery effect.

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##How to run.

  1. Open video in the Photos app.
  2. Tap the Share icon.
  3. Choose Slo-Mo from the menu.


  • While this shortcut purposely includes slo-mo audio to give you more creative possibilities, most editing apps (like iMovie) let you turn the audio off.
  • To make the clip even slower at one-fourth speed, just run the copied slo-moed video through the shortcut again.
  • Video shot at 60fps will look and sound smoother than video shot at 30fps.

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