June 24, 2020

iOS Shortcut: Double Time Video.

Create comedic fast speed from any video.

I’m not sure why a double speed video always gets a laugh, but it may have something to do with seeing so many jittery Keystone Cops videos. Whatever the reason, speeding up a video and adding a bit of whimsical music behind it can bring a smile to those boring birthday party videos. This shortcut speeds up a normal video (and its audio) up by twice.

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##How to run.

  1. Open video in the Photos app.
  2. Tap the Share icon.
  3. Choose Double Time from the menu.


  • While this shortcut purposely includes sped-up audio to give you more creative possibilities, most editing apps (like iMovie) let you turn the audio off.
  • To make the clip even faster at 4X speed, just run the copied double-time video through the shortcut again.
  • To complete the old movie effect, edit the copy in Photos by desaturating to black and write and adding the Vivid Warm filter.

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