May 5, 2022

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How to tone your iPhone videos.

Just because it’s called the Photos app doesn’t mean you can’t use it to edit your iPhone videos. As a matter of fact, all the editing tools for photos are available for video as well. Beyond improving the look of your video, you can also do a few useful effects. One that’s really nice is toning. You can easily make your clip black and white or tone it vintage sepia or blue. This is great for giving your clip an old-movie look or adding a somber feel.

How to tint an iPhone video.

Start by opening the video in the Photos app and tap Edit.

For Black and White:

  • Tap the Filters icon (three rings).
  • Choose the Mono, Silvertone or Noir filter
  • Tap Done.


  • Tap Adjust (dial icon).
  • Tap Saturation (rainbow icon).
  • Drag the slider all the way right to desaturate or remove color.
  • Tap Done.

The desaturation method can be useful if you want to retain a little color. Setting the saturation to about -50 is a good place to start.

For Sepia or Blue Tone:

  • Tap Adjust (dial icon).
  • Tap Saturation (rainbow icon).
  • Drag the slider slider completely right.
  • Tap Filters (three circles icon).
  • For sepia, choose the Vivid Warm filter.
  • For blue, choose the Vivid Cool filter.
  • Tap Done.

##My take. Toning is a great way to treat film or video for creating flashbacks, historic footage or scenes from the past. If trying to mimic an old movie, you can speed up the video to add the jitters or slow it down to add choppiness with the FPS Shortcut.

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