July 4, 2020

Insta360 Go Close Focus Test.

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How close can you get?

Like most action cams, the Insta360 Go has a fixed-hyperfocal fisheye lens. This means that though the view is warped pretty much everything is in acceptable focus all the time. For the Insta360 Go, the range is from infinity down to a few inches, with things at their sharpest a foot and a half from the lens. The advantage of this design in an action cam is that is that the lens is not constantly refocusing and putting putting parts of the scene out of focus.

In the focus test video, you see sharpness evaluated at different distances. The result? The Insta360 Go is acceptably sharp down to about 3 inches. This differs from the GoPro that has a minimum focusing distance of about a foot.

My take.

Because of the small size of the Insta360 Go, you can put the camera really close to the action without having to worry about focus.

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