April 21, 2018

Infinite Jets how-to: Sample-and-hold filter.

In the two Synth modes of the Hologram Infinite Jets Resynthesizer pedal you can craft a classic sample-and-hold filter similar to the original Maestro Sample Hold (created about 1976). This randomly steps the high-Qed low-pass filter, revealing individual overtones. Likely the first use of this effect on record was the Who’s Relay from 1972. Pete Townsend created it originally on an ARP 2600 synthesizer. For this effect, set the following controls:

  • Voice knob to Synth A or Synth B
  • LFO Shape (Footswitch A + Env Shape) to Infinity
  • LFO Freq (Footswitch A + Env Time) to Noon
  • LFO Depth (Footswitch A + Dimension) to 5p
  • Env Shape to Square
  • Env Time to Infinity
  • Trigger to Mono
  • Dimension to 5p
  • Dry to your preference

The LFO Freq controls the speed and length of the hold. Sounds best on sustained chords.

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