March 5, 2016

How to phase a drum loop with the Korg Kaossilator 2s.

There’s been a glitch in the Kaossilator chips since it was introduced in 2007 where the recording loop speed is a few milliseconds off. So if you overdub the loop in the Kaossilator 2S without stopping recording, your drum track will be phased. You won’t get a woosh, but a steady metallic depth. This seems to works on all the Kaossilators.

  1. Start by picking your beat track with the slider.
  2. Then tap the Record button on the right.
  3. Create the loop by holding your finger on the trackpad, but instead of releasing your finger at the end of the loop, hold it for a second round, then release.

Now you recorded the drums and overdubbed them a few milliseconds later.

You can continue to record loops by holding your finger down, but the sound gets mucky. Also If you move your finger on the trackpad and the sample changes and the effect won’t work, but you can experiment with phasing part of the loop this way.

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