April 7, 2020

How to install “untrusted” iOS shortcuts.

If you try to install a shortcut, but get a warning that you can’t because your security setting doesn’t let you install untrusted shortcuts, here’s how to fix it.

What does “untrusted” mean?

This doesn’t necessarily mean the shortcut is nefarious. It just means it was created by your average user, not Apple. Their strict security marks all third-party shortcuts as untrusted. Are they safe? Almost always. And Apple has control of all shortcuts since they must be stored in iCloud in order to be shared. The setup lets Apple easily remove an offending shortcut, if one were reported.

How do I install an “untrusted” shortcut?

Home > Settings > Shortcuts > Allow Untrusted Shortcuts

But I don’t see the Allow Untrusted Shortcuts button.

If Allow Unrtrusted Shortcuts doesn’t appear here, it means you’ve never run a shortcut on your device before. Open the Shortcuts app and run one of the examples that Apple has included. Even if it fails, the Allow Untrusted Shortcuts button will now appear in settings. Once approved, you’re ready to go.

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