April 21, 2024

Chapter 18: Will your Rabbit get you?

The Rabbit R1 chronicles.

With the launch of the Humane AI Pin, we’ve become painfully aware of the growing pains an AI device can face. As with most problems in life, it’s a communication issue: An AI device needs to understand what you want and then try to give you what you want.

What’s impressed me most about demos of Rabbit R1 is the level of understanding your intention, as well as delivering on that. An example is a recent demo from founder Jesse Lyu where he asked the R1 to tell him the nature of reality in no more than two sentences. Within four seconds, Rabbit obediently replied to his request. So Rabbit very clearly understood exactly what he wanted.

In other demos, we’ve seen that the R1 can understand a conversation with its owner. So it can clarify a previous answer. Jesse asks what came first, the chicken or the egg? Rabbit explains the age-old argument. Then Jesse follows with If you want to give a guess, which one? Rabbit speculates the egg. So the R1 knows the context from the first question so you don’t have to state the context again. Then R1 can give you a brief answer without restating the whole context.

It’s all part of the ability to learn you, a seemingly small thing when talking to a person, but huge when talking to AI. I would say that’s amazing, but it’s really a given on the list of basic AI capabilities. As we move forward, It’s what’ll separate the Rabbits from the tortoises.

Tomorrow I’ll have my Rabbit R1 in hand. The tone of this series will change from third-hand speculation to first hand knowledge. I’ll then devote this space to practical use of the R1.

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