April 28, 2024
Example of a table Rabbit R1 can convert into a CSV file

Chapter 22: How to create and copy spreadsheets.

The Rabbit R1 chronicles.

Spreadsheets are Rabbit R1’s best parlor trick. And actually very useful. You can jot down the data on paper or capture a screen with the Eye and Rabbit will convert it into a .csv file and email it to you. No need to type. Once in your email, you can open the file in any spreadsheet app and work with it.

How to.

I opened the Eye with a double-click, held the button and told Rabbit to copy the above and make a spreadsheet out of it as well as add an extra column to the right. As you can see, it works fine with this simple example.

Spreadsheet created by Rabbit R1

Pointer: There can be flubs. Rabbit is looking for a frame that’s differentiated from the numbers (as a spreadsheet on a screen would look). So a thin frame of a lighter color will likely give you more accurate results.

As of this writing, a spreadsheet seems to be the only type of doc Rabbit can turn into a file. But you can ask Rabbit to read written words and a record of it pops in your Rabbit Hole. From here, text can be copied and pasted.

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