April 25, 2024
2nd Rabbit R1 in the wild, freshly unboxed.

Chapter 19: We came. We saw. We took home the future.

The Rabbit R1 chronicles.

The line to get in, amid Secret-Service-level security

R1 projected on the steps

The Rabbit R1 Pickup Party in NYC on April 23rd was—well, if I had to describe it in a word, I’d say iconic. I met Founder Jesse Lyu, Simon (the community manager), members of the media and 300 of my closest friends who are part of the 11,000 strong Rabbit Discord community.

Rabbit, high atop the arty, boxy, tower o’glitz

Jesse’s presentation

Jesse gave an hour-long, live, without-a-net demo of rabbit and then gave an impromptu synth concert before the DJ took over. The drink did flow, the sushi was served and when everyone got aholt of their Rabbit R1—we flooded the TWA Hotel wifi connecting our devices.

Jesse at the keys and knobs

Custom drink menu

Differing from other launch events, this showed that Rabbit is not sitting on its present, but clearly focused on the future. At that moment when no one had yet to experience the LAM 1.0 (Large Action Model) Jesse announced LAM 1.5 and what it will do. He also announced that Jesper Kouthoofd, founder of Teenage Engineering, had joined Rabbit part-time as Chief Design Officer. I think this is important to note since Jesper and the Teenage team were the ones that designed the Rabbit. He’s on the level of a Johnny Ive and like an Apple device, Rabbit R1 had the hell designed into it. Jesse’s goal is the simplest computer possible and even in its launch state, the R1 lives up to that.

Jesse meets the press

First impressions from the media have been surprisingly positive, since they stomped on the Humane AI pin in its recent launch. But then who could stomp on a cute orange bunny?

Kimberly Gedeon of the highly-respected Mashable gets her Rabbit

I apologize for the straight-up black-and-white photos. I had the damnbition to color all the Rabbits leuchtorange, but decided to push up my deadline. Plus it’s NYC and there’s pizza to eat.

Not lyin’: there must have been more than 100 crew working the event.

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