March 14, 2024

The Rabbit R1 chronicles.

Chapter 9: Journaling without a journaling app.

For years I’ve kept journal entries, first on paper, then on an iPad. And I’ve alway hoped that someday there’d be a journaling system that was automatic: One that tracked your day for you and allowed you to add personal comments. For a while I used Momento, an iPhone app that collected photos you shot for the day, your social postings and even mapped out where you’d been. Very cool, but over the years some really useful connections were cut off and it hasn’t really grown. But the developers certainly had the right idea.

Apple recently released an app called Journal for iPhone. It offers entry suggestions that include places you’ve visited based on GPS, photos you’ve taken, exercise you’ve logged, music you’ve listened to, phone calls and photos from today and the past. This makes it easy to see what you’ve done today. But you must manually add each of these to each day’s journal. So it’s definitely not intended to be automatic.

So now we get to Rabbit. A feature of R1 (at least when viewing in the Rabbithole) will be time-based journal that tracks of all of your interactions with the device. So every time you press the button, that intention and resulting action of the LAM is logged. Initially this will include your conversations with Rabbit, reports, music requested, images taken with the Eye, service receipts, etc. This already sounds more robust than the iOS Journal app and will be automatic. Since taking a note on Rabbit just requires holding the button, and saying “Start note taking”, those comments can be logged in your journal too.

I’ve always found that one of the issues with journaling at the end of the day is remembering everything that happened. Even if I decide I’d rather be typing entries on my iPad or handwriting them on paper, Rabbit’s record of every time I used it that day will give me something useful to work from. But I have to admit, that automatic part and the ability to add a comment in the timeline is really appealing.

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