June 29, 2020

What your Insta360 Go video actually looks like.

The video you see in the Insta360 Go app is not the video the Insta360 Go actually shoots. Wanna see what the video really looks like? This article shows you how to access and view the original Insta360 Go files. Ultimately you may not find these files useful, but it’ll give you a serious appreciation for the amazing things the Insta360 Go app does.

video insta360go
June 24, 2020

iOS Shortcut: Double Time Video.

ios shortcuts
June 22, 2020

iOS Shortcut: Slo-Mo Video.

Create slo-mo from any video.

ios shortcuts
June 20, 2020

Deep Confusion.

What you need to know Smart HDR, Deep Fusion and Night Mode on iPhone 11.

The iPhone’s arsenal of photo tools continues to grow—and grow more confusing. We hear the names Smart HDR, Deep Fusion and Night Mode and wonder how and when we should be using them. This article will explain the three and ease your mind, since you really don’t have to worry about them at all.

June 13, 2020

Workaround for iPad Pro Magic Keyboard battery drain.

Though not a recognized issue by Apple, there are plenty of complaints that the new Magic Keyboard is sucking the battery life out of the iPad Pro. From what I can tell, this is an iPadOS bug. This article gives you a few options on how to get around the issue in order to save your battery life.

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