April 23, 2020

Secrets of the moka pot.

How to make a perfect stovetop espresso.

The moka pot is essentially a percolator for espresso. But instead of the hot water dripping down through the grounds, it’s forced up through the grounds with pressure. This article explains why a moka pot really does make espresso and how to make a great cup of the stuff.

April 15, 2020

Current pedal obsession: Mr. Black Ambience Echoverb.

Small pedal, ambience bigger than your head.

music pedalurgy
April 13, 2020

What does the iOS Photos app Magic Wand Slider do?

Master Auto Enhance on your iPhone.

Before the Magic Wand

The Photos app’s Auto Enhance (Magic Wand) button was designed to “perfect” your images. It’s gotten even better in iOS 13, but ironically now has a slider. Whuh? If it’s “auto” and makes images perfect, why does it need a slider? This article explains the Auto Enhance button and its slider and shows you how to use them to perfect your images even more, er perfectly.

April 8, 2020

Shortcut for adding Momento entries from your iPad.

The Momento app is the most fascinating diary app around: You set up your feeds (like Instagram, Twitter and your blog) and the diary keeps itself. So you don’t even have to enter a thing, your social activity does if for you. Now if you want to create an entry yourself you can do it with text, tags, geotags, contacts and photos. It’s a really useful app for tracking what you’ve been up to with a minimal amount of text entry required. But long texts are also welcome in Momento. That’s why I created this shortcut.

ios shortcuts
April 7, 2020

How to install “untrusted” iOS shortcuts.

If you try to install a shortcut, but get a warning that you can’t because your security setting doesn’t let you install untrusted shortcuts, here’s how to fix it.

ios shortcuts
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