February 24, 2019

Oakley case for your Moment lenses.

Moment has some nice case options, but it seemed to me that the four still photography lenses would fit in a neater space than the side-by-side approach. After all, a mobile phone “field kit” should take up minimal space and be pocketable. Provided you have lens caps on the Moment lenses (I also use the Rear Lens Caps) they can stack safely. I started experimenting with a padded PVC tube, which gave great protection, but decided I needed easier access. Emptying the tube to get to the bottom lens took three hands. A clamshell design seemed the best bet.

I’d used the Oakley Small Vault case for sunglasses and found it neatly fits the whole set of still lenses: 58mm Tele, 18mm wide, 170º Superfish and 10x Macro (with diffuser). The case is a clamshell, slightly smaller than a hotdog bun, rigid, with some give at the zipper. It’s great for easy access to your lenses from a case that fits in your pocket. The Small Vault sells for about $20.

If you don’t have all four lenses, there will be some movement inside the case, which can be absorbed by padding the space with a lens cloth.

Get the case on Amazon

As an Ambassador for Moment I can also get you a discount on Moment lenses through this link. Enjoy.


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