May 20, 2017

Shift-Line Force Freezeverb

Shift Line Force PedalShift Line Force Pedal

This cool little pedal from Russia takes the EHX Freeze concept and adds high-feedback reverb and the option of a sub-octave blend. Together these give the frozen effect ambiance and a nice modulated quiver. The only controls are a knob for effect volume and a toggle to control momentary or latch (tap the footswitch to resample.) I really like the sub-octave mode. To get to it: Hold the footswitch and flick the toggle down.

There's also a Shadow mode that automatically mimics what you’re playing with a massive and harmonious swarm and fades it in and out under your dry signal. Really useful for ambient playing without having to mess with the footswitch. To access the Shadow mode: Disconnect power > Hold the footswitch > Plug it back in > Release the footswitch. Shadow mode is up. (There's a nice fixed-length ambient delay demo when you toggle down.)

My take: For me this tiny pedal replaced my EHX Superego (and POG, chorus and tremolo chained to it) and even the Superego+. The sound the Force creates varies from organ to choir, but is always earthy, yet other worldly. A beautiful harmonic cloud to back your playing, so you'll probably find you'll use it more than you think. 9v and burns 70ma.

If you want it, ya gotta order it from St. Petersburg. Oleg at Shift-Line got mine to me promptly.


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