April 15, 2024

The Rabbit R1 chronicles.

Chapter 17: Finished?

With Rabbit R1’s release less than 10 days away, there are accusations that it’s not ready for prime time. Well, that’s antiquated thinking.

People fail to understand that Rabbit R1 changes the device model forever. Unlike your phone, Rabbit R1 will not have a new OS every year. It can have the equivalent of a new OS every day. Since much of what Rabbit does will happen through a virtual machine in the Cloud, the tweaks will not be in software update releases, but can be constant.

I also think that we have to look at AI not just as in development forever, but forever developing. In that aspect, AI is like a child: It learns new things, but it also must learn how to be compliant within society. As founder Jesse Lyu recently noted on Discord (paraphrased here); It’s like parents teaching kids. Kids are taught not to smoke, drink too much or do drugs. But some kids will anyway. If humans as parents at AI infancy just don’t set any rules, it’s gonna get messy and out of control really fast. Rabbit R1’s respect for compliance may hold it back from doing questionable things that users ask, but it’s also likely to be key to its success by nurturing a responsible member of AI society.

AI’s capability will continually be growing. At the same time, boundaries will continually be set so AI doesn’t become a delinquent. While we discover AI’s capabilities, it’ll, learn from all of us and from each of us individually. This is much like a child learning societal values while learning to function within the house of their parent.

So in that respect, I don’t think Rabbit R1 may ever seem finished to some. But that’s how the future is going to go, so we’d better get used to it.

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