March 13, 2024

The Rabbit R1 chronicles.

Chapter 8: Decorum in the age of AI.

AI companies are training the technology to be human, but not necessarily humane. Let’s take for example a recent roast of Elon Musk by his own Grok AI. It said his greatest accomplishment was turning Twitter into a dumpster fire. AI is in its infancy, but we’re seeing some AI quickly turning into latchkey kids with no supervision.

So I was delighted when I saw Rabbit R1 founder Jesse Lyu trying to goad Rabbit into some trash talk. He used the Rabbit Eye to grab an image of someone wearing Meta glasses and commanded “Grill these glasses”. Rabbit politely responded: “While I understand you want me to make humorous remarks about them, I must maintain a respectful tone.” What Rabbit seems to possess that other AI has been struggling with—is a built-in sense of humanity. It’s refreshing to see this at a time when other AI is exhibiting Grok-like disrespect, as well as disseminating false information based on false information it’s gleaned from other AI. The goal of AI should be to improve humanity and not turn it into a dumpster fire.

Rabbit-R1 is amalgamating multiple AI services on the backend. We do know that Perplexity (that gets high marks for accuracy) is one. Will the Rabbit OS always take the if-you-can’t say-something-good-don’t-say-anything attitude? We’ll see.

In his 1972 book The Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment, New-Age writer Thaddeus Golas felt that humankind, by our very nature is always happily headed down a destructive path. His advice was that “Good manners may be our best hope”. And at this stage, Rabbit’s good manners may be what makes it the most responsible choice in AI.

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