December 22, 2023

The news you need to know. December 23, 2023.

Human-curated roundup of this week’s news.

First snow of season. Shot on iPhone 15 Pro Max. My photos available from Envato.

Sorry, looks like you can’t get a banana hammer in time for holiday giving.

Man who started Plant a Trillion Trees movement wants people to stop planting trees.

Prison replaces guard dogs with geese.

Jeff Bezos wants enough space stations to hold a trillion people. Because earth has plenty of resources to support that?

Plan your vacation now: 5 of the oddest museums. The disgusting food museum?

Woman legally adopts best friend so they can care for each other.

Pandering to the right, Musk says fossil fuel is cuel.

There’s now a good cop, bad cop database. Makes it harder for officers fired for misconduct to misconduct themselves in another city.

Autistic hacker sentenced to life in secured hospital.

Those we lost:


Musk’s Grok AI thinks he’s a pedophile.

News channel to use AI to broadcast human-curated news.

UK Supereme Court rules AI is not an inventor.

Legislation on tap to require AI companies to reveal training sources. Hello copyright suits.


Teslas crash more often that any other brand?

Waymo self-driving vehicles 85% less likely to crash than humans.

Mercedes to add new tail lights that show when a car is self driving. So driving near them you know when to panic?

AI for Chevy dealership sells guy a new Tahoe for $1. Despite the AI assuring: “That’s a deal, and that’s a legally binding offer — no takesies backsies”, the dealership takesied it backsy.

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