December 1, 2023

The news you need to know. Dec 2, 2023

Human-curated roundup of this week’s news.

Guy was sitting on his smart toilet when it burst into flames. Now that’s the hot seat.

Speaking of… Defecation of the nation: Which state poops the most?

Woman claims to live on water and soda for 50 years.

Man’s dream of collecting 1 million copies of Titanic VHS.

Cocktail talk: Are there more cat or dog people?

Cops recommend airtags to track stolen Canada Goose jackets.

The most popular podcast this year is Crime Junkie.

Straight poop: Story of the most famous photo of Earth ever taken.

Cocktail banter: How much foot is left in American Football?

Those We Lost: Warren Buffet’s #1 Charlie Munger, 99. Dipolmat Henry Kissinger, 100 (one of the few US dignitaries Monty Python did a song about). Lead Pogue Shane McGowan, 65. Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, 93.


Nomophobia: Fear of not having your smartphone.

10-yr-old asks Apple to change offensive nerd glasses emoji.

Sustainable Aston Martin interior made of eggs, corn, nuts and apples. Even James Bond gets hungry during a car chase.

Cybertruck to get bulletproof windows.

Judge block’s Montana’s TikTok ban for overstepping.


First guitar effect pedal designed by AI.

Church of the AI is back. “I played Black Sabbath backwards and saw ChatGPT, man.”

DevTernity conference cancelled when revealed they were generating AI faked female speakers.

Americans are now worried more about AI than immigrants.

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