November 24, 2023

The news you need to know. 11/25/23

Human-curated roundup of this week’s news.

Colts owner, Jim Irsay claims he’s a victim of prejudism because he’s a white billionaire. One of the uptrodden for sure.

Bacteria retain memories across generations. Maybe human DNA carries memories of our ancestors?

Bystanders catch thief by knocking over portapotty he was hiding in to trap him inside.

Musk delivers Thanksgiving Turkey to astronauts aboard ISS.

Dumb move: They’re genetically resurrecting the dodo. Will only be successful if it tastes like chicken.

Vienna’s new $2mm fountain named world’s ugliest. Obviously they’ve never see the drinking fountain beside Hank’s Gas ’n Glut.

Hey boys: Nut consumption linked to improved, er, nut performance.

True geekdom: The largest known prime number.

Interesting week for Sam Altman: Fired from OpenAI. Immediately hired by Microsoft. Employees threaten to quit unless board fired and Sam brought back. Board fired. Rehired by OpenAI with MS blessing. But does he get to keep the severance package?

Devotee maintains a Lee Harvey Oswald museum. “The public thinks it’s strange. My friends think it’s a little strange.”

Coffee grounds can prevent Alzheimer’s. Curious if those of us who drink Turkish coffee are already benefiting.

Stat: The majority of US gun deaths are suicides?

Research: Dishwashing liquid fights malaria.

US is the big cheese. Dynamic chart: Fromage production by country.

Cocktail talk: Why dogs chase their tails.

Interesting graph: Keyboard keys useage rate.

Those we lost: First Lady Rosalynn Carter, 96. Bishop Carlton Pearson, 70. Relief pitcher Willie Hernandez, 69.

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