October 27, 2023

The news you need to know. 10/28/23

My roundup of this week’s news.

When ghosts first starting shrieking boo.

Runaway tortoise makes 5 miles before caught. It took 3½ years.

Google suspended GoogleMaps and Waze in Israel and Gaza.

Insects as snack food.

Musk predicts X will replace banks. Banks or bankrupt?

The last 50 years of recorded music formats.

Those we lost: Shaft star Richard Roundtree, 81. Bobi, world’s oldest dog, 31. Richard Moll, “Bull” of Night Court, 80.


ERoads could charge as you drive, making huge EV batteries obsolete: Hard to look at that name and not see “erodes”.

Those with type-two diabetes benefit from riding an eBike. Unless you get hit by a car. Then you don’t benefit.

Compostable iPhone case.


Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones expects to tour as a hologram after he dies, whenever that millennium may be.

Bomb threat using food delivery robots.

A virtual reality brothel? Wonder if they take Monopoly money?

Prep school employs AI vice-principal.

Robocup robot soccer.

Humans get lazy when their teammate is a robot.

ChatGPT AI can be fooled into writing hacking code.

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