October 13, 2023

The news you need to know. 10/14/23

My roundup of this week’s news.

Taken with 5x camera on iPhone 15 Pro Max and DayBlur recipe for Pro Camera by Moment App. My photos available from Envato.

Climate change could ruin beer. NOW all of a sudden people are paying attention.

Regular senior sex helps avert cognitive decline. At least that’s what elderly researchers are telling their spouses.

Ring Doorbells offers $1 million for evidence of aliens—at your front door. Bet they’ll get a lot of submissions around Halloween.

Shameless plug: My review of the iPhone 15 Pro Max Cameras.

Woman imprisoned for endangering her fetus gives birth in jail shower.

iPhone as a satellite phone? It’s already sort of there.

Stoneman Willie laid to rest 128 years after being mummified.

Sea snail named Margarita in honor of Jimmy Buffet.

Aww: Woman stops her marathon run to rescue a kitten and finds a new home for him before the finish line.

Everything you ever wanted to know about why your dog eats poop.

6th taste detected, but it don’t taste good.

Sobering piece on the demise of the US library.

Those we lost: One of the last Tulsa Massacre survivors Hughes Van Ellis. 104-yr-old skydiver Dorothy Hoffner. Food Network host, Chef Michael Chiarello.


Sails on container ships: The wonderfully weird turns of environmentalism.

Prada working on a spacesuit for NASA. Because if you’re going to space you’d better look chic doing it.

Mercedes partners with carbon-neutral spaceship company.

US Army prototyping EV. The HumlessVee? Well, I guess it’ll increase the element of surprise with silent olive drab energy.

Toyota working on BLC, Baby Lunar Cruiser. And will the dealerships on the moon offer free coffee? I’m not going up there and buying if they don’t have the free coffee.


And we have a winner for Fat Bear Week.

New gurning world record for swallowing your own nose. Now I ask you: Why isn’t this an exhibition sport in the olympics?

The Great Pumpkin: 2749 lbs, breaks farmer’s own record of last year.

Man paddles 38.4 miles in a hollowed-out pumpkin. And no one knows why.

Man bungee jumps 941 times in one day to reclaim his record.


Artificial Eroticism accounts for 10% of AI Chatbot conversation. I guess it’s safe sex—until people realize their conversation is being recorded.

AI Chatbot encourages 21-yr-old to assassinate the Queen. He’ll be back on the streets when he’s 30.

Google AI to consume as much energy as Ireland.

AI Minority Report attempt gets an F at predicting crimes.

Alexa claims 2020 Election was stolen.

Facebook is reportedly paying celebs like Tom Brady and Kendall Jenner millions to turn them into AI chatbots.

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