October 6, 2023

The news you need to know. 10/7/23

My roundup of this week’s news.

Cops caught dog driving car. Owner says it just jumped into his lap at the exact moment the speed camera caught him.

Dish Network fined $150K for littering in space.

The inconvenience store on the face of a cliff.

77-yr-old Viagra peddler to the seniors arrested at The Villages. Neighbors are furious that their pipeline was cut.

Snack food industry worried appetite suppressant Ozempic with hurt their biz.

Momo, the escaped monkey spotted drinking beer from cans in garbage. Update: Momo is back home.

Customs seizes giraffe poop. The perp said they were planing on making a necklace with it.

Vanilla ice cream flavored with plastic?

Soccer player turns pro at age 13.

Museum employee replaced paintings with fakes and sold originals.

Trees coffee-table book inspires you to go out and plant a few.

Via Jason Kottke: Artist who paints with Excel.

Drinking dark tea can ward off Type 2 Diabetes.

Cocktail talk: Why the gas you pass stinks.

Fascinating story of indigenous fireman who climbed the Sequoias and was born in Yellowstone.

Those we lost: Former Red Sox pitcher Tim Wakefield. Super Bowl champ Russ Francis. Chicago Bear Dick Butkus.


Robot wolves used to ward off bears.

Will AI convince us that AI is trustworthy?

Mickey Mouse perpetrated 911? AI is at it again.

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