September 15, 2023

The news you need to know.

My roundup of this week’s news for 9/16/23

It’s Mushroom Season here in Ohio evidenced by this foot-tall Chicken of the Woods. My photos available from Envato.

First on-air painting by Bob Ross priced at $10 million. Someone will have a happy little wallet.

Most unusual pet insurance claims awards.

Alien corpse shown to Mexican Congress looks surprisingly like paper mache piñata.

Can one hot tortilla chip kill someone?

How long it takes for a social channel to grow 100 million users.

Sam Bankman-Fried has poor wifi access in jail so he feels he should be Sam Bankman-Freed.

America has a run on laxatives (sorry, had to) that’s leaving them in short supply.

Cops confuse yoga class for mass murder scene. Who hasn’t done that?

How movie studios are manipulating Rotten Tomato scores.

Bees used to detect bombs.

New Orleans Archbishop says Catholics must share in the cost from all the clergy abuse claims.

Dolly the Sheep cloner Ian Wilmut, NBA player Brandon Hunter, Racehorse Point Given


New World Record: Woman hulas eight flaming hoops at once.

Land world speed record broken—for a Cockatoo riding a scooter.


IRS uses AI to catch rich tax cheats.

Coke uses AI to concoct a future cola. And apparently the future is full of artificial sweeteners.

Copyright office refuses AI artwork.

School installs robot surrogates in classroom for homebound students.

Lawmakers and Tech giants finally meet on regulating AI. And AI probably already wrote a book about it.

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