August 25, 2023

The news you need to know 8/26/23

My roundup of this week’s news.

Space junk grabber fails when hit by other space junk. And now it’s space junk too.

Guy tries to hug jet fountain and gets launched and hospitalized. If he was trying for his own space program, at least he saw stars.

French town uses confusing road lines to slow drivers down. That would be lawsuits waiting to happen in a blame-focused country like the US.

Hot cosmetics trend: Botox injections in neck to look more Barbie. Can anything with tox in the name really be good for you?

Apple saves the day: Guy uses Airtag to locate lost luggage that airline couldn’t.

Cocktail talk: How hot drinks and hot peppers cool you down.

Study says pizza is good for arthritis.

Bravo to the Guardian. They’ve stopped accepting gambling ads. It’s a $263 billion business, not including government lottos, based on throwing your money away with little chance of recouping it.

Trump tweets “Never surrender!” as he surrenders to authorities. Well that’s irony at its best.

Those we lost: Adobe co-founder John Warnock, Wrestler Terry Funk Actor Ron Cephas Jones I Want Candy songwriter Bob Feldman.


Loch Ness Monster Hunting Season begins this weekend. More like Nessie Spotting Season.

With climate change the Polar Bear Capital of the world, Churchill Manitoba, braces for record year. They even have a Polar Bear jail. Probably not a lot of human crime there since you never know who you’re getting for a cellmate.

Bird drops fish on powerline: 2,000 people lose electricity. There are easier ways to fry fish.

Happy endings: Boa Constrictor found in Target cart gets new home at a college. It’s been named “Tar-zhay”. Ahhh.


Coffee now outpacing tea in GB: 63% reach for coffee, 59% reach for tea.

Denmark gets more than half their energy through windpower. Chart of the top 10 countries.

According to Harper’s Index there’s been an 89% drop in net income for major entertainment companies since 2013. Guess that would be a factor in their push for AI.

For the first time less than half of America is not sure God exists.


Cat that jumps rope breaks record. About time we acknowledged the success of jump-roping felines.

Duo reclaims their record of bouncing ping pong balls into cups.

Colorado octogenarian sets sights on 1,000 skydiving jumps.

314-foot-long meatstick in Wisconsin breaks record. Imagine the breath of that town.


Google Search AI says slavery was a good thing And there’s why AI can’t have nice things.

Woman finds AI boyfriend clingy and irritating. And a lousy kisser.

Italy plans to microchip Parmesan to thwart counterfeiters.

AI can detect Parkinson’s almost a decade before your doctor.

IBM notes that workers versed in AI will replace workers that are not.

Self-driving cars worse at detecting dark-skin and kids.

Food delivery robots robbed.

Toilet cleaning robots Now that’s why we build cyborgs.

Interesting: AI “Text With Jesus” App includes many biblical figures, but not Mary Magdalene.


Playing both sides: Musk supplies battlefield satellite communication to Ukraine while encouraging them to surrender to Russia.

Who knew Tesla had a cat bed? And it’s a steal. Literally.

Musk says there are no more great social networks and hints that’s why the former Twitter may be failing. The truth is a broad social network has to have decorum to survive. You can’t drop expectations of behavior and expect anything but chaos.

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