July 28, 2023

The news you need to know.

My roundup of this week’s news.

Singer marries ghost and then he cheats on her with Marilyn Monroe. It’s happened to all of us.

French’s mustard-flavor Skittles. It’s natures most perfect food.

19-yr-old suffers collapsed lung screaming at concert. Do all that yelling for an encore and you don’t even get to see it.

Who says romance is dead: Woman finds pearl in her clam at restaurant and turns it into her engagement ring.

Interesting hope for the environment: Plastic-eating Fungi. But what the heck is the byproduct?

The micro nation of Slowjamistan. More of a notion than a nation.

Summer’s biggest bummer: You can’t use your Mastercard to buy weed anymore, dude.

Cocktail fodder: How do sandcastles stay together? And why can’t we build skyscrapers like that?

More Cocktail fodder: Why clouds float.

Stuff you’ll want when you see it: Magsafe iPhone speaker.

BMW, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes, Stellantis partner to place 30,000 EV chargers in the US. Tesla and Ford not part.

Those we lost: Singer Tony Bennett, Singer Sinead O’Connor, Eagle Randy Meisner.


Musk says Twitter logo to change into an X. I think he means an ex-.

Former Twitter CEO Musk takes “@X” from current holder. The legit user was offered “merch”. At least they could have given him a Tesla.

Indonesia blocks Twitter, thinking X.com was a porn site.

Tesla Cybertruck has problems wiping its windshield.

Survey says: Americans don’t give a rat’s petute about going to Mars. We’d rather resources be spent on asteroid protection.


World Record: Woman has 23,632 items of Winnie The Pooh memorabilia. Don’t let her see the Barbie movie.

World Record wannabe: Man has 69,255 unique pencils.


Humans more inclined to give less to robot pastors than human pastors. I think I started seeing robotic pastors about 60 years ago.

Redditors fake AI into writing news article about non-existent game character.

Top AI companies form regulatory group. We’ll see.

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