July 21, 2023

The news you need to know. 7/22/23

My roundup of this week’s news.

Former meteorologist names heatwaves after gas companies.

Cocaine crazed sharks in waters off Florida? A soon to B-Movie from the makers of Sharknado.

Woman’s eardrum ruptured by passionate kiss. Ah, romance.

FTX considered buying an island and building a doomsday bunker that would moonlight doing human genetic experiments. Ya can’t make this stuff up.

Rent a WWII Bunker for your next vacation. You’ll have a blast.

Russian scientist performs brain surgery on self. And he’s not sure how the patient is doing.

Woman struck by meteorite while drinking coffee and lives to tell the tale.

Juul to attempt FDA approval with vapestick that verifies age.

Those we lost: Actor/Bizarre Pop Singer Jane Birkin, Bossa Nova Pianist João Donato


Wonderful collection of Humor in Street Photography by Anthimos Ntagkas

Comedy Pet Photo Award finalists


Comedian goes temporarily blind attempting a crying marathon.

Man runs 425 Miles in 4 days.

Fastest 100-meter sprint while on fire.


UN Security Council meets to discuss AI risks.

Chipotle testing Autocado, an automated guacamole prepping helper.

ChatGPT use has dropped, but is it just that cheating students are on summer vacation?

ChatGPT headed for idiocracy.


Apple may remove Facetime and iMessage in Britain if forced to make them insecure.

Practical Innovation: Sundial landmark in Houston will generate 400K kilowatts.

Buyers suddenly realize that NFTs are kinda worthless.

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