July 14, 2023

The news you need to know. 7/15/23

My roundup of this week’s news.

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Puppy yoga on the rise. Mine is already a yogi. Here he is teaching Grogu.

Sea otter attacking surfers and stealing boards. “You humans are dropping in on my bomb, dudes.”

6-yr-old escapes abductor by biting him. Protocol: Run, scream, bite. That obviously works.

Cocktail trivia: We can hear silence. And it sounds really quiet.

Twitter is paying influencers ad revenue to not jump ship to Threads. No word if all the Twitter bots are getting their share.

Scientists say nuclear testing triggered climate change. Well that’s a relief.

FDA approves over-the-counter birth control pill.


First AI illness diagnosed as MAD (Model Autophagy Disorder). It comes down to things falling apart when AI is used to train AI.

Text rumors are just as effective as deep fakes. And to think they went to all that trouble.

AI companion robots for the elderly to cure loneliness? How long before the robot gets frustrated when I keep asking “Now, did I tell you this already?”

UN warns AI brain implants could spy on you. Duh.

AI plagiarism detector discriminates against non-native writers:

Sarah Silverman sues OpenAI for copyright infringement on her book.

Hollywood producers want to pay background actors for a day and use their AI likeness forever. Your 15 minutes of fame can now last a lifetime.

ChatGPT is losing users. For the sake of robotic efficiency, maybe it’s dumping humans asking the stupid questions.

A few Tesla drivers are using cheap tricks to convince the car they’re watching the road. The term “more money than sense” kinda fits here.

The human element marks self-driving vehicles with orange traffic cones on the hood to keep them from moving.

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