June 30, 2023

The news you need to know. July 1, 2023

My roundup of this week’s news.

Alexandria KY. My photos available from Envato.

Harvard honesty study fabricated data. And we can’t even blame AI this time.

Artist paints with cow dung. Critics say his painting stinks.

Clever criminal: Mugger demands his victim friend him on Facebook at gunpoint and then asks her out. Yeah, that’s covering your tracks.

Cow sells for $4.3 million. And gives 24-carat gold milk. (OK, I made that last part up.)

Speaking of bovines, scammer sentenced: Cow-poop-to-methane green energy scheme turns out to be a load.

Millionaire’s inheritance left to her seven cats.

Nuns and native women farm kelp to save their bay.

Elon’s mom won’t let him fight Zuck. Moms just take all the fun out of living in this age.

Can the drug ecstasy be used to treat bigotry? An interesting study.

Those we lost: John Goodenough (I swear it’s not a fake name) lithium battery inventor, Room With a View Actor Julian Sands, MLK’s sister Christine Farris, Rocky Top singer Bobby Osborne, Actor Alan Arkin.


Pizza mural found on Pompeii wall. More on pizza history.

Who knew corndogs were related to Beef Wellington?

Dominos delivers munchies to Glastonbury fest by jetpack. So I guess they really can keep it piping hot.


Harvard will have and AI prof next semester. And it graduated Data Cum Laude.

Pope releases guide to AI ethics. Wonder when he’s going to get around to writing the priest’s guide to ethics?

Social Media startup IRL valued at $1.2 billion shuts down and admits that 95% of users were bots. But has more humans than Twitter?

Via Jason Kottke: Disney’s Animatronic Trump was just a skin-job built on the already-built Animatronic Hillary. So that’s why he wearing the pantsuit.

AI more accurate than doctor at counting sperm. Talk about AI being all up into your bidness.

Grammys clamp down on AI…kinda.

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