May 19, 2023

The news you need to know.

My roundup of this week’s news.

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It’s a brawl world after all: Families fistfight over Disney photo op.

Doctor ordered to support baby after the vasectomy he performed didn’t take. They always say the best reason to become doctor is to put your kids through college.

Man claims to have survived exclusively on caffeinated cola for 17 years. And hasn’t slept a wink.

Drunk driver tries to switch places so it looked like his dog was driving. “Officer, I swear I thought I was taking a Greyhound.”

World’s oldest dog is 31 or 217 in dog years. And doesn’t look at day over 216.

Tech worker on sick leave since 2008 sues company for not giving a raise. Hey, inflation hits the cost cheetos and video games too.

Boy saves sister from kidnapper with slingshot. Since it wasn’t a gun, he probably broke some law.

In Japan, they’re taking classes to learn to smile again after covid.

It appears Orcas are sinking boats for fun Revenge for all that blubber?

Strippers unionize. Now the excuse to the spouse will be “But honey, I was just looking for the union label.”

History: Napoleon was once attacked by 3,000 rabbits.

Scientists speculate that 1.7 billion T-Rexes have waddled the earth. And were warm-blooded like birds. But without the Tinder App, extincton of these cuddly beasts was eminent.

Archaeologists say the kiss dates back to 4500 years ago. Footsie, by contrast, did not come about until we evolved feet.


My father was working on his memoirs at the time for his death in 1994. 30 years later, after incorporating his writings and transcripts and conferring with family, I’ve completed the project. It’s free to download from Apple Books and includes advice that’s spot on for our world today.


Neil Tennant of Pet Shop Boys says AI could help with writer’s block. Oh, so that’s their excuse for not having a hit in 40 years.

150-yr-old Irish Times newspaper apologizes for accidentally running and AI generated opinion piece. What’s scary is that it was the paper’s second most-read article ever.

Prof fails entire class because chatgpt told him they were all cheating. Turns out the chatbot made it up. The problem bigger than AI is the humans who don’t use common sense in what it tells them.

Poll says 61% of Americans believe AI is a threat. And when it gets to 62%, we’re really gonna start thinking of doing something about it.

Man writes 97 books with AI. Makes $2000. $20.61 per book. I don’t think he’ll be a threat to Prince Harry and Michelle Obama on the NYT Bestseller List.

CNET to get a union in the face of AI taking jobs.

Huge Steps in AI, but detection of AI cheating falls way behind. So we need AI to determine if AI was used?


Would you take a free wide-screen TV if it came with a second screen showing continuous ads?

Passenger rockets could fly from London to Sydney in 2 hours. And still no free peanut packs.


Youtuber pleads guilty to felony for crashing his plane to boost views. What some people won’t do for a selfie.

Montana bans TikTok If they’re banning apps that data mine for foreign governments, they better look a little deeper.

Hyundai and Kia settle for $200mm over TikTok theft challenge: So the car companies had to pay, but TikTok doesn’t?


Turns out Lab Meat production generates 25 times more CO2. And to think we were worried about cow methane.

Climate Change causes pirates. Yo how ho and gawd it’s hot.

Hydrogen car runs over 1200 miles on a tank of “gas”. And looks like a submarine.

Big recycling news: Dirty diapers can be used to create concrete and mortar. Well, we DO already use recycled toilet paper.

Manhattan is sinking and the Atlantic is rising. American Venice?

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