May 6, 2023

The news you need to know. 05/06/23

Roundup of this week’s news.

Recycled Onewater beer. My photos available from Envato.

Beer made from wastewater of an apartment complex. It just don’t get any grayer than this. But does it come in Gray Light for those watching their graywater intake?

Brother steals $21mm in Bitcoin. Oh, it gets worse.

Can psychedelic mushrooms cure color blindness? Don’t know. But I’m betting a lot of people will volunteer to be part of the research.

Dog hikes 48 highest peaks in New Hampshire. For All Dogkind.

Is being Tone Deaf as real thing? Spoiler alert: It’s called Amusia.


Quote-of-the-week: “If you want a study of AI gone wrong and taking a lot of claims and trying to kill you every chance it can, get a Tesla.” — Tesla owner and Apple Co-Inventor Steve Wozniak

Geoffrey Hinton Godfather of AI quits Google to warn the world of the dangers of his creation. And who will play him in the movie?

So the CEOs are replacing workers with AI. What happens when the Board replaces the CEO with AI? And what happens when the stockholders vote for the Board to be replaced by AI? And what happens when the AI votes to take the company private? I guess.

JP Morgan Chase uses AI to analyze financial market trends. Well that won’t go well, will it?

First data-backed report on AI success in business: When used as an extension of humans, the biz was 14% more efficient.

CEO trusts AI his personal info to run his finances.

Union vote in Africa reveals that OpenAI, Facebook and Tiktok do AI content moderation with humans, but those jobs are not in the US.

AI + MRI can decode human thought? If the thought is “My knee hurts like hell, that’s why I’m having an MRI” it doesn’t count.

IBM layoffs: Human Resources Department to be replaced by AI? Well now, if that ain’t irony for ya, nothin’ is.

Tim Cook says that Apple has been integrating safe and sensible AI for years.


NYPD recommends getting an AirTag to help thwart car thefts.

iPhone falls 14,000ft and works fine. I want that case.


Billionaire trolling: Musk threatens NPR could lose their Twitter handle if they don’t start posting again.

Harvey Weinstein hires lawyer of Bill Cosby. If they’re not making a reality show out of this they’re really missing the boat.


See the sights and get a root canal: Town in Mexico, “The Molar City”, has most dentists in the world. Wonder if they have a shredding Molar City Madman?

Out-of-towners: GPS directs tourist to submerge the Caravan in Hawaiian bay. So they do.

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