April 21, 2023

The news you need to know.

Rivets on side of truck. My photos available from Envato.


Arbitrators rule My Pillow guy must make good on his $5mm challenge and pay software engineer who proved the election wasn’t fixed.

Untruth in advertising: Colorado weed tests weaker than advertised. Where is the Consumer Products Safety Commission when you really need them?

Chinese riot gun fires coins instead of bullets If a T-shirt cannon can distract rioters at a football game, maybe they’re onto something.


Consumer SpaceFlight is coming down in price: $132K to ride the space balloon. I hope they’ll start serving those little bags of peanuts for what they’re charging.


What the moon smells like: That is if you wouldn’t immediately asphyxiate and freeze solid trying to smell it.

The earth is 4.54 billion years old. And where was my birthday party invitation?


AI generated image wins Sony photography competition. And it did it without a kitten or hand heart.

Smart glasses with GPT-4 give you come-on lines for dating. But the glasses look so dorky, don’t expect to ever get a date.

Twitter thwarts AI determined to destroy humanity. Curses. Foiled again.


Bio ink to 3D print human organs. I think I could use a spare appendix.


Airplane that requires no fuel or electricity beaks flight record. OK. So it was paper. We gotta take every win we can.

We’ve solved our lithium disposal problem: Edible battery made of sushi seaweed and vitamins.


Woman spends 500 days in a cave. Emerges to discover that some guy now runs Britain.

Trans competition twist: Man disguised in burka competes in women’s chess tournament.

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