April 7, 2023

The news you need to know: 4/8/23


If you’ve got peeps and Reeses eggs, you’re well on your way to making Easter S’Mores

Or try it with Hot Tamale Peeps: So hot your peeps are melting by the time you open the package.

Scientists make meatball from wooly mammoth DNA. No one is brave enough to see if it tastes like chicken.


Hiccups and cancer?

Mummies in museums may be able to spread fungal infection to humans I knew The Last of Us was all real and stuff.

Speaking of conspiracy theories, here’s why they’re so hard to eradicate.

False memories can form in the brain within a few seconds.


Train station at 10K ft on a mountain in Alps.

Some really nice photos of the Northern Lights taken in Iceland.


Shameless plug: The gawd’s-honest-truth about iPhone LivePhotos.

So far AI generated music don’t stack up to what a human create.

Why the date of Easter changes every year but Christmas doesn’t. Maybe the Easter Bunny Union went for the pension plan as opposed to Sundays off.

Brit Gordon Brotherston, preeminent scholar of Native American literature passes:

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