February 9, 2024

The news you need to know. February 10, 2024

My human-curated roundup of this week’s news.

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US to face Cicadageddon this spring. Two breeds of cicadas emerging at same time in event that happens every 221 years.

Ah Love: Woman tried to kill husband over postcard from a woman he dated 60 years ago. Love never dies. Well almost.

Thieves steal 200-ft AM radio tower.

Pigeon freed after being exonerated of spying charges.

Performance of John Cage piece still going on 21 years later. When finally done in 400 years or so, shall we ask for an encore?

Great read: The 15-yr-old Newton of Gaza.

Cops pull over guy driving while wearing VisionPro. And putting on the handcuffs felt so real.

Why biodiversity matters: the demise of Camembert cheese.

Those we lost: Actor Carl Weathers, 76. MC5 Guitarist Wayne Kramer, 75. Singer, songwriter, radio DJ Mojo Nixon, 66. RIP Brother.


FCC bans AI robocalls. Wonder if it’ll be as successful as their ban on SPAM? Oh what? We still have SPAM?

Hacking Self Driving for evil? Mad Radar reveals vulnerability of self-driving vehicles.

Love at 5001st site: Man uses AI to romance thousands of women and finds a wife.

Bard AI gets name change and price tag.

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