January 30, 2017

If we’d just had this ban 112 years sooner.

No, I’m not anti-Muslim. Some of my best friends are Muslim. So let me explain:

In 1905 just nine years before the outbreak of World War I, Kaiser Wilhelm II was rattling his saber in Germany and Field Marshall von Schlieffen had already developed the plans to attack France. That same year a 36-year-old German man and his three-month-pregnant wife were booted from the land of their birth for his failure to serve in Germany’s looming war machine. He didn’t serve because at the age of 16, this industrious young man had come to the United States to find his fortune in the Alaska Gold Rush and returned a rich man to Germany.

But 20 years later, this man was deported for Fredrich’s failure to serve in a military about to be responsible for 17 million deaths. He wrote an appeal Bavarian Prince Luitpold pleading on behalf of himself and his German-born wife Elizabeth, but was denied. So as two more in the millions of huddled masses, they turned to the United States to take them in. Now if this event had happened in 2017, this couple from a hostile country that was threatening war on the world would have been banned from entering the United States for certain.

The reason I say this ban is a little late is that if we had had it back in 1905, Fredrich Trump and his wife Elizabeth (pregnant with Fred Trump, Donald’s father) would have never been allowed in to the Land of the Free and the family never would have made their mark on American history. Incidentally, in 1905 Teddy Roosevelt (a great president, a fine president, a true Republican president) admitted over 100,000 immigrants from Germany and Austria-Hungary.

So, I guess we cant make this ban retroactive, huh?

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