December 15, 2023

The news you need to know. Dec 16, 2023

Human curated roundup of this week’s news.

Ain’t that the poop: A rocket fueled by manure.

That holiday spirit: Christian vet desecrates Satanic goat statue at Iowa statehouse. Satanists did not destroy the nearby manger.

Ex-Mayor imprisoned for shooting at Pokémon Go players. She could get up to a year.

Tooth decay traced back to vikings. Not enough brushing after stroopwaffels?

Costco sells $100 million in gold bars this year. $2K a pop.

Guy with no passport arrives in US on plane from Russia. Has no idea how it happened.

10 oddest world records of the year. Includes most rope skips by a cat in a minute.

FTC says to be skeptical of QR codes. It’s the same thing as clicking on a suspect link.

Building moved with 700 bars of Ivory Soap. Apparently it’s the best structure-moving soap by far.

Did Sultan at Cop23 really say we should clone dinosaurs to make more fossil fuel for our grandkids? Of course not, but what a great rumor to start.

Those we lost: Actor Ryan O’Neill, 82. NFL Tight End Frank Wycheck, 52. Actor Andre Braugher, 61.


AI drive-thru tech is actually underpaid humans in the Phillipines.

Grimes working on AI also called Grok.

Uncharacteristically Musk commits no exTwitter tantrum over Netflix Leave The World Behind movie with autocrashing Teslas. Sadly, this is the highlight of what could have been a great movie.

Survey: Readers want sites that publish AI generated content to state it.

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