November 18, 2023

The news you need to know. November 18, 2023

My roundup of this week’s news.

Plumbers prepare for Brown Friday after Thanksgiving.

Overweight killer released because he can’t diet behind bars.

QAnon Shaman to run for Congress. And as a felon can’t legally vote for himself in his home state.

Man tries to kill himself after internet said he had cancer.

US opens first facility to suck CO2 out of the air. And use it to make diamonds?

Turns out elephants give each other names. And believe it or not, Dumbo, Horton and Mr. Snuffleupagus are not at the top of the list.

Magicians are mentally healthier than the rest of us. Or maybe they just give us that illusion.

Last surviving Secret Service agent at Kennedy assassination says screw your conspiracy theories.

The brain may interpret smells from each nostril individually.

Buy the Delorean of Trucks, Tesla’s Cybertruck, and you can’t resell it for a year.

Switchblade flying sports car will retail for $160K.

Toothpaste for treatment of peanut allergies.

Solar mega-flares threaten to blackout the internet.

Those we lost: Astronaut Frank Borman at 95. Trump’s sister Judge Mary Barry at 86. Euphoria producer Kevin Turen at 44.


Charlie and Luna are the most popular dog names.

Number of pickup trucks ranked by state.

Sneakers or Tennis Shoes? What each state calls them.

Who follows the 5-second rule of dropped food, by age group.

Study: Kids who drink a lot of soda are more impulsive, have poor working memory, more likely to drink alcohol young.


World champ Jenga stacker gets his own Hallmark Movie.

Highest backflip on a pogo stick. Let’s hope that doesn’t become a Hallmark movie.

New speed record driving in reverse: 171.4 mph.

Woman crochets for 34 hours straight to set record. And made an afghan the size of Afghanistan.


Youtube to require creator disclaimer for AI content.

Musk miffed at Sam Altman for calling his Grok chatbot “Boomer humor”. Did the get him fired?

Interesting twist: US and China to pledge to not us AI in autonomous weaponry.

Guy makes bot that buys the same stocks as politicians. It’s up 20% while the market is flat. (via Jason Kottke)

AI powered traffic lights could reduce pollution.

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