October 21, 2023

The news you need to know.

My roundup of this week’s news.

Landscape Stereo Field and Strymon Cloudburst. My photos available from Envato.

Shamless plug: Pedalurgy: Landscape Stereo Field + Strymon Cloudburst = Instant Bernard Hermann:

Chickenhawk learns to paint.

Ethical hacker saves CIA from mess on X.

Big drug cartel gets out of Fentanyl racket.

An entertaining look at how they reference John Doe in other countries.

Family pleads guilty to their part in a $600 million Catalytic Converter theft ring. As they say: the family that crimes together times together.

Man fakes heart attack at 20 restaurants to avoid paying bill.

Waffle House employees demand $25 an hour That’s $52K per year.

Those we lost: Actress Piper Laurie. Three’s Company Actress Suzanne Somers. Shout writer Rudolph Isley.


SCOTUS more likely to interrupt women lawyers than men.

Lawyer wants to give animals the right to vote. Through human surrogates, but wouldn’t that kinda defeat one-person/one-vote?

Fake lawyer wins all 26 of his cases.

Man hit with $1.4 million speeding ticket and told he must pay. That would have been $29K for every mile over the limit. Fortunately they realized the mistake.


From Piper Sandler’s Teen Survey via Daring Fireball: 87% of teens own an iPhone. 88% expect an iPhone to be their next phone. 34% own an Apple Watch. So it seems Android phones are for old people.

Everything you know just became wrong: Coinflips are not 50/50. Research shows that a coin is more likely to end up on the same side it started on.


Man balances 319 wine glasses on his head to break record.

Cat’s 60-decibel purr breaks record. That’s a lot of bottled-up contentment.

Pepper X now ranked the world’s hottest. And least enjoyable.


Amazon tests humanoid in warehouses to tote empty bins. And it wants $26 an hour.

Facebook’s AI Kendall Jenner recommends other tequila over hers. Hmm. Maybe AI is more honest than we think.

Would you trust a robot to tattoo you?

Microsoft offers a bug bounty up to $15K if you can get Bing’s AI to screw up. Surely it can’t be that simple or stock would plummet.

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