September 30, 2023

The news you need to know. 9/30/23

My roundup of this week’s news.

iPhone FineWoven case. My photos available from Envato.

Shameless Plug: Is the iPhone FineWoven Case a sign of the End of Days?

Man’s emotional support alligator turned away at Phillies game.

Ventriloquist robbed people with knife-wielding dummy. What a great alibi.

Sheep wander into greenhouse and eat 600 pounds of weed. And then wandered into a convenience store for slurpees and Cheetos. (OK, I made that last part up.)

The Hitler beetle driven to extinction by neo-nazis buying them as keepsakes.

Scientists find microplastic in clouds. “Plastic Rain” sounds like a new Radiohead song. No, wait: The Phantom Six beat them to it.

G-Pop “old boy” band comprised of seniors.

Pastor Daniel takes going into lion’s den literally to prove his faith. Now if he really believed God would protect him, he’d have walked in there with a pocketful of bacon.

Vacation destination: B&B that’s a re-creation of Shrek’s Swamp.

Curious: English and Irish not in the three largest American ancestry groups.

Those we lost: Man From Uncle Actor David McCallum. Dumbledore Actor Michael Gambon. Senator Diane Feinstein.


10-yr-old breaks record by setting up a chessboard blindfolded in 46 seconds.

Man eats 50 Carolina Reaper peppers in 6 minutes and 49.2 seconds and then ate 85 more. But strangely, he only ranks second.

219 dogs break record attending Paw Patrol screening.


No Robot Bosses Act: Finally a little sensible regulation for AI.

Is ChatGPT just a practical joker? A Google search returns an AI result that says you can melt eggs by putting them in the microwave. I’ll save you the trouble: They don’t melt. They explode.

Ayatollahs say AI can help issue a fatwa in 5 hours instead of 50 days. What progress.

When Buzzfeed announced AI would be helping, stock was worth almost $4 per share. Now that they’ve fired the humans and left it all to AI, stock is worth $.33.

NYC’s Knightscope K5 police robot is more of a roving tattle tale than Robocop. And that’s probably a good thing.

Microsoft looking to small nuclear reactors for massive energy consumption required by AI. Back-to-the-Future style, Mr. Fusion reactors? They’re going to need a lot of banana peels.

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