August 18, 2023

The news you need to know: August 19, 2023.

My roundup of this week’s news.

Study says guy Dracula was based on, Vlad the Impaler, cried tears of blood. But sweated the milk of human kindness. OK maybe not.

Stray cat adopted by a herd of capybaras in zoo.

Teens more likely to believe conspiracy theories.

China’s ghost village of 250 new mansions remains abandoned.

Canada auctioning off gyro wrap costume. Current bid: $12,000.

Harvard nutty professor says aliens may be creating universes in labs. But then again, they may be just having a cappuccino right now.

Man collects 5,548 pez dispensers. And what do you bet most of them have never seen a single tab of candy.

Boa Constrictor found in cart at Target. Possibly just a Circle deal?

Via Jason Kottke: The most iconic samples of 50 years of hiphop. Most fascinating is the J Dilla Don’t Cry which was likely done from his hospital bed just before he passed. The samples were all played manually as if the SP or MPC machine were a keyboard.

Rumor of spider whose venom causes hours-long erection clears store in Austria. Hundreds of men immediately rush in. (OK, I made that last part up.)

Cocktail talk: In heat-related deaths it truly may not be the heat, but the humidity.

More cocktail talk: Why we have earwax.

Forget Cryo. The wealthy look to preserving brain data so they can live forever.

Those we lost Seahawks running back Alex Collins, Rapper, producer Magoo, A&M Records founder Jerry Moss.


July was the hottest month on record.

Using your TV to actually watch TV is now down below 50%.

Tucker Carlson bio sells only 3,227 copies. And his mother bought 3,226 of them.


DOD sets up AI task force. Lets hope it’s not a task farce.

FEC considers regulating deepfakes in political ads. Might be a good idea, ya think?

Open AI running cost are $700K per day as user base dwindles. Unless it learns to mine crypto, lack of profitability will be its John Connor.

IBM has an analog AI chip that functions like a human brain. And even shuts down when watching reality TV.

10 self-driving Cruise cars cause traffic jam in San Francisco when area wifi gets overloaded.

AI app lets you chat with bible beings like Jesus and Satan. “So Satan, what kind of day are you having?”

Fascinating AI tool corrupts images so other AI can’t copy correctly and learn from them, but look perfectly normal to the human eye.


Latest Zuck Musk CageFight excuse: Musk has shoulder injury and says he needs surgery and recovery. But if it weren’t for that…

Another endless update: Zuck and Musk cagematch to happen at Rome Coliseum. At least until Elon slithers his way out of it again.

Zuck tells Musk to call him when he’s serious about a cagefight.

Zuck exhausted at Musk’s excuses, ready to move on from cagefight.

Musk to auction off Twitter assets starting at $25 each. It apparently includes the sign.

Despite revenue sharing with influencers, indications are that fewer than 100,000 have signed up for X Premium. So at $8 per month it will only take 4,583 years for Musk to pay off the 44b Twitter pricetag.

X throttles traffic from sites Musk doesn’t like.

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