August 11, 2023

The news you need to know: August 12, 2023

My roundup of this week’s news.

Vacation destination: 800-lb Butter Cow sculpture back at Illinois State Fair And it’s better because it’s butter.

Just lucky, I guess: Woman mowing grass attacked by snake and hawk at the same time:

UFO whistleblower admits there’s so much more that he didn’t admit. Now, if only he had some evidence.

Archaeologists find 400-year-old skeleton of vampire chained to the grave. Could just as easily have been zombie prevention.

Controlling DNA though electricity shows hope for better insulin production for diabetics. This could lead to smartwatches that naturally do what we take many medications for.

Apple Emergency SOS saves family in Maui wildfire. Apple steps up to donate to Maui wildfire relief. To help, you can make a simple $10 donation by texting the word REDCROSS to 90999.

Is working in the office the norm once again? Zoom orders employees back in house and We Work spaces struggle.

Online influencer arrested for causing riot with giveaway.

Standup sleep pods. So your knees can already be aching the next morning.

Those we lost: Excorcist Director William Friedkin, Cha Cha Slider DJ Casper, Kinks’ keyboardist John Gosling, The Band’s Robbie Robertson.


Heatwave increases Ice Cream theft. Stores adding lid locks.

How they’re getting cows to burp less methane.


Via Jason Kottke: New Zealand has great fun with AI by adding household cleaners and chemicals to store recipe app. Dishes include “poison bread sandwiches” and “mosquito-repellent roast potatoes”.

AI 93% accurate at telling what you’re typing by listening to your keystrokes over Zoom.

Human authors attack AI writing site for learning from their works.

Detroit police land third lawsuit for arrest based on bad AI facial recognition.

AI-designed restaurant. Let’s hope the food is real.

AI robots can now do manicures.

Google and UMG partner to produce AI deepfake music. This only a few months after UMG was outraged by their artists being deepfaked.

Cheating students turning in papers that say “I am just an AI language model, I don’t have an opinion on that.” What happened to the days when cheating was an artform?

Author finds a dozen AI-generated books on Amazon penned in her name.

AI is better at passing I Am Not A Robot tests than humans.


World Record: Guy juggles for 13 hours.

Toyota Land Cruiser drives 7km underwater for a world record.

Cyclist rides 500 miles across Iowa backwards on bike. The bike is actually moving forward, he’s seated backwards. Is that kinda cheating?

World’s most beautiful bathroom. And it’s at a gas station. OK, maybe not.

Illinois Sock Monkey museum record official: 2,098 sock monkeys.


Zuck/Musk cagematch back on? Musk says he need as a checkup first. (Or maybe a psych eval?) No wait: Musk wants cagefight with Zuck downgraded to a debate. No wait: Cagematch back on and will take place gladiator-style in Rome. Honestly I think Musk already wore Zuck down with his chicken dances.

Musk vows to pay legal bills of anyone fired for their tweets. Wow. That certainly sends a message of personal responsibility.

Zach Kirkhorn, Telsa CFO (and stabilizer of Musk) quits.

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