June 16, 2023

The news you need to know. 6/17/23

My roundup of this week’s news.

Hood of Bookmobile, Yellow Springs Ohio. My photos available from Envato.

Rubik’s Cube World Record: 3.13 seconds.

Doctors remove kidney stone larger than kidney.

First tiny houses and now grain silos.

Interesting developments in the dialect emerging in South Florida mixing Spanish and English. This is part of Spanglish that has been emerging for many years.

41st season of Wheel Of Fortune to be the last for Pat Sajak. Unknown if Vanna White will stay on.

Kids age 13, 9, 5 ,1 survive in remote Amazon for 40 days after plane crash. Poisonous snakes, militant guerrillas, no social media. That last one is a little frightening.

Construction materials made from fungus After all, gnomes have slept under mushrooms for thousands of years.

Why horses sleep standing up. Humans can master this too. At least I did at Monday-morning staff meetings.

Long space voyages cause astronauts’ brain cavities to expand. Explains why billionaires who own spacetravel companies get a big head.

Harvard morgue manager accused of selling body parts. For fun and profit. (I made that last part up.)

Those we lost: Actress Glenda Jackson, Author Cormac McCarthy, Actor Treat Williams


Vid of US Embassy staff in Australia trying Vegemite on Vegemite Day. Last time I saw this many sour faces was on a SCOTUS group portrait.

It appears energy drinks may slow aging. And 50 million boomers are headed to buy a case of Red Bull right now.


Is our thirst for spring water causing the earth to wobble?

Climate Change causing air travel turbulence.


New Twitter CEO plans to make social medium “world’s most accurate real-time media source”. Hmm. That’s where I thought Elon was headed by bankrupting it and shutting it down. It couldn’t spread garbage if it didn’t exist.

Judge tells cops to evict Twitter over unpaid rent.

Strangely Elon Musk says Unabomber may not have been wrong. Uh, does Elon even realize that tech innovators were Kaczynski’s prime targets?

Tesla autopilot involved in 736 crashes.


New program uses advanced Fitbit to detect falls of seniors up to a month in advance.

Jack Dorsey says VR will turn us Wall-E blob people. As if his social media companies didn’t do that.

OMG! Killer robots are here for real! It’s okay. They just kill invasive lantern flies.

Winklevoss twins compare crypto regulation to Roe V Wade repeal. Whuh?

Developer to complete his RPG exclusively for the Commodore 64. And that one guy who still has a Commodore 64 is really grateful.

Meanwhile, the army looks to make the Humvee self-driving.


Mother scammed by AI-cloned voice of daughter on phone into believing she was kidnapped.

ChatGPT knows 25 jokes and tells them over an over. That’s one more joke than some comedians I’ve seen twice.

AI used to create final Beatles song. AI Jude, don’t make it bad.

Microsoft alarmed that doctors are using ChatGPT to notify patients of bad diagnosis. Well at least AI is talking to the patients and not rushing off late for a tee time.

AI finds more Nazca Lines in Peru. These say “Aliens go home”. OK. Maybe not.

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