May 26, 2023

The news you need to know.

My roundup of this week’s news.

Raindrops of Leaf shot with iPhone 14 Pro. My photos available from Envato.

Instead of getting buried, get composted in a mushroom coffin.

ISS tourists face the reality of going to the bathroom in space. Since there’s no gravity, let’s just say the hoover-effect comes into play.

Woman takes paid job as “full-time daughter” to her own parents. She joins the ranks of the millions of the “full-time sons” living in their parents’ basements.

Those we lost: Tina Turner.

Inaugural poem of Amanda Gorman banned in Florida by Proud Girl.

Climate change causing brain-eating amoebas to migrate to northern states. Oh, so that explains cable news ratings.

Food: Why some like it hot.

Embarrassed judges award top honors to cheapest supermarket wine with a hoity-sounding label. I think even I would have detected “a bouquet of cleanup in Aisle 7”.

Stuff you never wanted to know: Why mosquitos are attracted to artificial lights And it turns out it’s not because they taste like humans.


Firefly season is upon us. Last summer, I took on a project of capturing fireflies in stills and video. Check out The Firefly Chronicles.


Leave it to Redditors to break ChatGPT.

Robotics expert says AI is way dumberer than we think.

AI Debt Collector I guess it threatens to come to your house and break your virtual kneecaps.

Ice Cube calls AI “demonic”.

Adobe forbids using Photoshop AI for nudity. So…hate, violence and nudity are all out. Gosh, what’s left to manipulate?

AI generates video from brain signals.


They’re building a satellite made of wood. And plan to launch it with a lead balloon?

Bike with triangular wheels. Sounds like a horribly-failed kickstarter to me.

3D-printed rocket takes off. SpaceX ticket to ISS: $55mm (meals included). Blue Origin to circle planet: $50mm. Virgin Galactic to edge of space: $450K. Printing your own rocket is sounding very economical.

Citroen EV beach buggy. Cute enough to make you want to move to the ocean.

From Jason Kottke: Tesla Y now the most popular-selling car model beating out the Toyota Corolla. Over 1mm sales expected in 2023. Oh what a feeling. The also drop 50 place is reputation.

Get your own vintage lighthouse. 10 to be auctioned off since GPS makes them obsolete for navigation.

Discord adds Markdown syntax. If you’re not familiar with Markdown, it’s how your grandkids kids will be writing.

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