April 14, 2023

The news you need to know.

In my neck, the buttercups are in bloom.


Woman 78, charged with third bank robbery. I guess third time is NOT the charm.

World’s smallest dog is less than 4 inches long. An espresso-cup Chihuahua?

NPR abandons Twitter. I always knew them people was smart.

Meet Ratgirl, the new NYC Rat Czar.

Japanese goth cafe fires waitress for mixing her own blood in patron’s cocktail. Well at least they don’t put carcinogenic red dye in their drinks.


It’s like a solar Roomba that mows your lawn.

Walmart to add thousands of electric car chargers.

The Robot masseuse is here: (No, not that kind of masseuse.)

ChatGPT faces ban in Italy.


As we pay so much attention to the extinction of people, animals and plants, have we lost focus on the importance of microbes that hold it all together?

Climate Change will cause more home runs in baseball: At last, some positive news about the end of the world.

Scientists turn CO2 into plastic. So we’re turning a thing we’re trying to cope with into a thing we’re trying to get rid of?


At last, everything you ever wanted to know about brain freeze cause by careless ice cream cone ingestion.

Are we gaining weight from compounds in our plastic wrappers?


How is it that the identity of Banksy is still unknown? Maybe he’s Satoshi Nakamoto.

The 36 basic drama storylines. The classic “boy meets girl…” is 28. And right now AI is probably writing next year’s Oscar winner.

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