January 26, 2024

The news you need to know for the week of January, 27, 2024.

My human-curated roundup of this week’s news.

All-day fog after days of rain. My photos available from Envato.

Marines called 911 to report missing jet. Color eyes? None. Hair? None. Weight? 29,330 lbs.

Cussing parrots put back on display at zoo. Guess that’s where the term foul-mouthed comes from.

Doritos Vodka? It’s definitely the cheesiest.

Shamless plug for my article: Is the Mastro Valvola LEM Delay worth it for your pedalboard?

Convenience stores with disco bathrooms And it plays Don’t Leave Me This Way if you leave it messy. OK, maybe not.

Musician gets 5 women pregnant. Hosts joint baby shower? (Smells like a publicity stunt to me.)

Taylor Swift to get her own law after deep-fakes.

Pastor: God is cool with my crypto scheme. Betting the Devil had more to do with it.

Curious: Restoring Australia’s Rainforest.

Cocktail talk: Why wool itches.

Video: How books get restored.

Kidney swap: Woman donates kidney to man whose wife donated kidney to her brother. Got that?

Those we lost: MLK’s son Dexter Scott King, 62. In the Heat of the Night Director Norman Jewison, 97. Dana Carvey’s son Dex, 32.


Robot built by Transformers inventors made it to the moon.

Meet Disney Imagineer Lanny Smoot with 106 patents.

UK’s Dragon Fire laser hits target in space and cost $13-per-blast. When fully developed, maybe take out satellites and missiles?

Apple MacIntosh turns 40.


Wikipedia’s list of cryptids include Loveland Frog and Mothman. Glad Ohio is so well represented in the directory of unbelievable beasts. via Jason Kottke.

Study shows more Bigfoot sightings in areas where bears are prevalent. Hmm. The Berenstain Bigfoot? Yogi the Yeti?

Ex-Pentagon alien hunter admits most UFO sightings are tests of secret military aircraft.


MIT study says replacing humans with AI is actually more costly.

Google overwhelmed with AI junk tsunami.

OpenAI shuts down bot impersonating Biden challenger Dean Phillips.

AI bot removed from customer service after swearing at customers. Perhaps AI is more human than we think.

San Francisco sues to get AI Taxis off the streets.

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